Looking for MORE than just a paycheck?
Imagine having a job where being an inspiration is one the perks!
This opportunity is for you if:
  • ​ You always tell the truth

  • ​ You can’t STAND being late or missing work

  • ​ You LOVE working hard to serve others

  • ​ You believe work should be MORE than just a place to trade your time for a couple bucks

  • ​You aren't afraid of hard work and think being a cleaner is awesome 

  • ​You love being recognized for going above and beyond

  • ​You are always real. You agree big egos should go fly kites.
This opportunity is NOT for you if:
  • You are a criminal, on drugs, or are just a plain old pain in the butt

  • ​You don’t have reliable transportation, insurance and all that adult-type stuff

  • ​You change jobs more than you change underwear

  • ​ You consider mornings anytime after 1pm
  • ​Hard work does scare you and makes you cry. That's why you try hard to avoid those situations
  • ​You don’t play well with others- it’s all about you

  • ​You don’t take showing up on time every time seriously

  • ​You look like (or are) a serial killer

Still here? Even more excited than before?? We need to talk! We have a LIMITED number of cleaning positions available exclusively for the people described above!!
Sign up for the next group interview (before you move on to the next boring job application and/ or life gets in the way) and introduce yourself to us. We can’t wait to meet you!!
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